i'm a princess, dahling<3 (fashionaddict5) wrote in hot_ostrich,
i'm a princess, dahling<3

straighten up and fly right!

*:.What is your name?: natalie elisabeth
*:.How old are you?: 16
*:.How many eggs do you lay yearly?: hmm.. a bit lost but i guess i'll lay 17 next year?
*:.What do you think about:
*:.Foghorn Leghorn: he used to scare the bejesus out of me when i was younger but he's cool.
*:.Daffy Duck: aww i love daffy, he's a cool duck..and we share similar speech impediments
*:.Chicken Hawks: i have no idea who chicken hawks is, i'm from the usa haha
*:.Mother Goose: i used to love that special when i was little! i think samuel something was on it...he's extremely famous now...it was a good special
*:.Golden Eggs: just like veruca in willie wonka, i love them! haha that part of the movie was my favorite
*:.The Good Feathers not sure what this is either but good fellas the movie was good haha
*:.How do your feathers come in after molting?: thick hah
*:.Why do you think YOU have what it takes to be a HOT_OSTRICH?: why? because i have class, sass, and i dress good! besides physical things, i'm also a very open minded and loving person.
*:.Finally Post ATLEAST 3 pictures of yourself:

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