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*:.What is your name?: alycia
*:.How old are you?: 15
*:.How many eggs do you lay yearly?: 356
*:.What do you think about:
*:.Foghorn Leghorn: i say i say, i resent that remark!
*:.Daffy Duck: duck season!
*:.Chicken Hawks: mmm tastes like chicken. hawk.
*:.Mother Goose: lived in a caboose
*:.Golden Eggs: the golden swan?
*:.The Good Feathers
*:.How do your feathers come in after molting?: umm hot?
*:.Why do you think YOU have what it takes to be a HOT_OSTRICH?:
*:.Show us where you have promoted our community:
*:.Finally Post ATLEAST 3 pictures of yourself:

this is an old picture of me before i cut my hair. i just like it.

i don't have a full body shot but heres my tummy
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